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27 November 2006

27 November, 2006

Happy Belated Thanksgiving, everybody!

Well, it seems as though just a week ago I was in Hannibal, and now it is time for drill again... Oh, wait; that was a week ago. On the up side, this is just a one-day drill, so that everyone can drink themselves stupid at the Christmas party and not get charged with being drunk on duty on Sunday. I personally am sidestepping the issue by not attending the Christmas party. $25 to see these people be more obnoxious than they are usually? No thanks.

This past weekend, however, was pretty sweet. I don't remember the last time I had so much time off. The ONLY thing I did on my four days was travel to Mexico for Thanksgiving dinner--which was EXCELLENT. Although certainly more crowded than past such gatherings, with Nancy's clan visiting--of course, that simply makes it more Thanksgiving-y!

On the subject of food, I have recently given in and purchased a slow-cooker... I REALLY should have done this sooner. With five minutes of preparation time I made the BEST chicken I have ever tasted (no offense, Mom--I'll send you the recipe if you'd like!). Garlic lime... just fell apart on the fork. It was GREAT.

I'll be calling the RTI today--don't ask me what it stands for; it's another one of the Army's seemingly endless supply of acronyms. These are the people who will determine my elegibility for OCS--and this is pretty much my cut-off year. What happens between now and March will determine whether I remain in the National Guard or transition back into full-time military duty.

Well, so little to do and so much time... wait; strike that. Reverse it. :)

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