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03 January 2009

From a reply I made on Hotair.com...

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Is anyone else worried that Obama’s Kool-Aid will now be served by Jim Jones?

I was actually going to agree with Ed on this one, and give Obama some credit–but after further thought, I realized that I would be giving Obama credit for doing nothing.

lodge–you need to check your history. The U. S. won a military victory in Viet Nam–and then isolationist liberals forced a withdrawal before the new government was stabilized, resulting in the slaughter of 3,000,000 people. As for Iraq, the SOFA is finalized and we’ve handed over the Green Zone. What more do you want?

Finally, I think this situation in Israel would be a lot clearer if people stopped referring to the Muslim population as “Palestinians.” There’s no such thing. “Palestinian” was made up in 1967 to drum up international sympathy by portraying these people as being ethnically attached to the area called “Palestine” (which is actually a reference to “Falastein,” Greek-speaking pirates who raided the area centuries ago). These people are Jordanians; they’re just so crazy and brain-washed that even Jordan doesn’t want them back.

Jim Jones. Kool-Aid. What can go wrong?

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