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06 January 2009

Ammunition Accountability

Hey, good news! (not)

You remember how Barack Obama said he wasn't going to take our guns? Well, apparently his cronies are coming after our ammunition!

The "Ammunition Accountability Act" is currently being proposed in 18 states (including Missouri--thanks, Claire!). It will not only require that all new ammunition be encoded by laser-etching, it will require the destruction of all non-etched rounds--including privately-owned, re-loaded ammunition! It will also place a five cent tax on EVERY BULLET.

If this bill is being proposed in your state--and remember, this is being proposed in state legislatures, not the U. S. legislature--call upon your district representatives to vote it down quickly and decisively. It is not only a clear violation of the Second Amendment, but a terrible invasion of privacy.


Kev said...

Good note, Jason! I wrote my state Senator.

FYI it will not just tax ammo, but effectively outlaw reloads.

This will not only burden Missouri sportsmen by forcing them to buy factory ammo, but will force POLICE to use factory ammo, which would significantly burden their departments, since they usually use reloads for training and carry the factory stuff on duty.

Kev said...

Another comment,

It is not just violation of 2nd ammendment but 4th, by outlawing previously-owned property without due process.

Gnostic Paladin said...

Excellent points, Kevin! Thanks for your support!

Kev said...

One more point,

Isn't it interesting that the folks who advocate illegalizing guns to reduce the number used in crime also argue that drugs should be legalized because outlawing them doesn't stop drug use?

Gnostic Paladin said...


That IS an interesting insight.