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03 October 2008

Well, goody.

The Bailout Bill--a.k.a., the Crap Sandwich, has been passed with strong bipartisan support.

So, now that I have worked for over a decade to buy my own house, I get to witness not only the expansion of American socialism and the crippling of the free market system, but I get to watch my own tax money be used to buy the houses of other people who couldn't be bothered with their own fiscal responsibility.

I am absolutely disgusted with the American Congress. As I wrote that last sentence, House Majority Whip Clyburn is actually speaking on television, saying, "I hope that this piece of legislation has gone a long way toward restoring the credibility of our body politic."

My God.


bluebird said...

What are responsible people supposed to do now?? It is getting harder and harder to live within our means... I really do not know what to do. ???

Gnostic Paladin said...

I have no idea. All I know is that I'll keep voting against the Democrats at every opportunity, and keep writing my congressmen in the hopes of avoiding any further stupidity.

bluebird said...

I am exasperated by it all!

I have kids in the meantime!! Should I put them in PS and get a job like so many other moms?? I can't bare the thought! Does Hub have to work 2 days OT every week just to have what we used to have on 40 hours and 2 dollars LESS an hour? I am flabergasted and I feel like turning into a meanie.

Sigh. But I won't. I do realize that I am still very blessed. Thank God my Hub has a job.

I just recently saw on the news and read an article about how, in Haiti, so many people have resorted to eating mud-cakes. That is a cake made out of MUD with a little salt and oil.

I don't know what is going on.

Gnostic Paladin said...

Oh, yes. The Haitians have been doing that for years. Probably not as good as your peanut butter cookies. :)
All I can say is that socialism only benefits the lazy at the detriment of those who put forth hard work. That's why I will always speak out against it, and fight it when I can.

bluebird said...

ok. I just got done watching Oprah. She had Suzy ___ and some other financial experts on there talking about money and the economy. They kept saying over and over again that EVERYONE was living beyond their means!!! Err! I cannot tell you how angry she was making me!!!!! Not EVERYONE was living beyond their means!!!! Maybe it just makes the guilty ones feel better to hear that! Errr!!!

Gnostic Paladin said...

And even if they are living beyond their means, the solution is to get them to stop--not to tax everyone else to pay off their debt.