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28 August 2007

Regional Combat Marksmanship Competition

Well, I competed in the Regional National Guard Combat Marksmanship Competition over the last weekend--Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. All I got was a sunburn. :)
My rifle score was okay--at 181, I actually out-shot some members of the Missouri team. I have never been a weak rifleman, but I have always been a stronger pistoleer.
Always, that is, until this weekend.
I was ABOMINABLE. I actually shot just fine during the fam-fire Friday night, but during the pistol competition on Saturday I... well, the colloquialism involves the release of fecal matter into one's sleeping-space. So much fecal matter that, in this case, I was tempted to buy a box of Depends undergarments on the way home. The general consensus was that, due to my lack of familiarity with this type of competition, I simply rushed my shots to beat the timer.
Oh, well, shoot and learn.

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