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07 March 2007

My new "job"

Well, today was the third day of work at my new job--sort of. I've been showing up and doing the work; however, the HR person who told me when to report for orientation got her wires crossed. My appointment has not yet been approved, and the Sergeant Major for whom I am working is having to jump through hoops trying to find a way to get me paid in the interim. On the up side, it's been quiet in Missouri and the job isn't very taxing so far. Probably they'll consider my first two weeks on the job as my Annual Training for the National Guard for this year.
Drill last weekend was very taxing; my unit had a field training exercise just north of Macon. It got down to about ten degrees at night (we did a night land navigation exercise) and was never over twenty five degrees. Also, we had to drive an hour or so each way, and my HMMWV broke down on the way back.

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