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20 January 2009

The REAL story of the Middle East conflict


Kev said...

Although I am pro-Israel on most fronts and this presentation makes some very valid points, it is also very one-sided and misleading on some facts. For example, it follows a sloppy chronology, teasing the viewer to think that Jews settled in the Levant because of Hitler. This is untrue. Many Jews resettled in Israel following WWII, but the groundwork was being laid decades before, since the Friends of Zion movement in the 19th Century. I also think the statement that no one welcomed the Jews from Germany is offensive. Many, many countries (esp in the Western hemisphere) received vast numbers of Jewish refugees - the US more than any, even before the true horrific scale of the Nazi death camps were known. The presentation intimates that Israel has been willing to cede the west bank and Gaza, when it has not, and continues to expand settlements. The presentation also fails to point out that great progress towards peace was made in the 1990s, under the leadership of Rabin, until he was assassinated by none other than a Jewish settler.

Gnostic Paladin said...

I also thought that the Arab/Hitler ties were overdone, but I put it up anyway--I was in five simultaneous arguments about the current Israeli offensive into Gaza, and this was the first thing posted by someone else that wasn't along the lines of "kill all evil Jews."

I thought Rabin's assassin was law student from Tel Aviv?