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07 August 2008


Barack Obama has introduced a bill to the Senate, called the "Global Poverty Act," which would send $843 billion dollars of aid to foreign countries. That is the equivalent of adding $2,500 to each and every taxpayer's burden in the country, and sending all of it overseas.
It has already been approved in one form and is still under debate.

Update: E-mail to my senators

I have just been informed of Senator Obama's "Global Poverty Act," S. 2433. The Congress of the United States already takes far too much money from the citizens to send overseas as aid. Not only does this not promote the interests of the United States or the individual citizens taxed, but most countries receiving it have asked for it to stop. They need investment, not hand-outs.

It is unacceptable for the United States Congress to levy the equivalent of an additional $2,500 in annual tax for every taxpayer in the nation for program that neither Americans nor the intended recipients want.

Some countries receiving U. S. aid are already asking us to stop. Aid does NOT help people; underdeveloped countries need investment.


bluebird said...

Honestly, no politician, not even Bill or Hillary has ever made me feel as sick as Obama. I don't want to read about him, or even think about him. He was on The View the other day... and I went ahead and watched...yuck! The ladies (except for Elisabeth and Whoopi) were oggling all over him! I just feel disgusted. He doesn't even strike me as being smart! Not at all!!! I don't know what I will do if he becomes President.... Well, I will def cry... I know I will.

Gnostic Paladin said...

And I won't blame you one bit!