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06 May 2008

Iron Man

Well, I saw Iron Man yesterday... and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised! I hadn't realized that Marvel Comics was producing the movie itself, contracting studios for distribution only. Consequently, the usual Hollywood anti-military bias was almost completely absent.
I have read several negative reviews of the movie and, frankly, can't agree with any of them. The acting was excellent, as were the special effects.

To maintain my usual movie tone, therefore, I will mention The Incredible Hulk: I still predict it's gonna be a stinky piece of leftist anti-military propaganda.


bluebird said...

Finally Hub and I watched Iron Man. We both liked it very much... though I liked it a little better than Hub did!!

Gnostic Paladin said...

How odd that you just commented on this... I'm answering this having just turned off my television from watching my Iron Man DVD!

bluebird said...

LOL!! :D !!! Cool!

Several of my friends have recently watched it. Seems like everyone only has good things to say about the movie!

It would have been cool to see in the theater... We hardly ever get to go to the theater..