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26 October 2007

Randi Rhodes

I've been doing a little research on Randi Rhodes, the Air America talk show host who recently fell down while walking her dog and couldn't be bothered to correct the rumors that ran rampant for three days that her injuries came about as a result of vicious "right wingers" mugging her.

On her website is a summary ruling from a Virginia court, in which she is found innocent of defamation against contracting company CACI (which provides services in support of American operations in Iraq) because, for example, the statement "there are videos that clearly show rape and murder, and, yes, they show... the rapes of children and... the murder of people who have been caught in this dragnet in Iraq" was found to be HYPERBOLE and "could not reasonably be interpreted as stating actual facts." And there's lots more like that in the document .


She also insinuates that Blackwater started the current California wildfire .

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