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14 September 2007

Third Course

Well, it looks like I have a new course to study! I have been working my way through two courses, while I'm waiting for OCS and college, later.
The first is "Zola's Introduction to Hebrew," the best introductory Hebrew text I could find. This course is offered through "Hebrew for Christians."
The second is AWAI's "Accellerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting." My progress on this course has been haphazard, and I'm not entirely convinced that it will be a viable second career--but I am going to stick with it.
The newest, and most important--course is www.investools.com's "Stocks" course. I attended a three-hour introductory seminar yesterday. I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS SEMINAR HIGHLY ENOUGH. I will be setting up a paper-trading account through www.thinkorswim.com, taking advantage of the nine free months of sevice I got for attending the seminar. This is good stuff; everybody should at least attend the free seminar (and no, I don't get referrals).

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