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10 June 2007

This weekend

Man, I can't believe how long this weekend seemed--it was great! This is so different from a night shift weekend, where you're working Friday morning and back Sunday night. This really felt like a weekend!
I got some more things moved into my house this weekend--mostly books and DVD's. It hasn't been going as quickly as I'd hoped, but progress is being made. I have plenty of time, after all! Also, I got a note from the family that a hand-me-down washer/dryer set is en route... That will save a LOT of money!

I had some problems with the water turn-on on Friday. The company told me that I had to be there for the meter reading, which is why I waited two weeks to have the water turned on. But the guy never got in touch with me when he read the meter; so at 1100 I called the water company under the assumption that nothing had been turned on. This was complicated by the fact that the water shut-off was inside the house, so, in fact, nothing WAS turned on. After a momentary aneurism when the company told me that the work order had been cancelled ("that means it was completed," the lady finally told me), I hunted around and finally found the shut-off valve myself. One more step on the road to becoming a handy-man... :)

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