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05 June 2007

Oh, God, I'm so busy!!

I have two, two-week sessions of MOS school this year--in October and again in November. Also, my new unit (JFHQ) has scheduled five days of AT that I have to attend... but I have to do 14, so I've given up five weekends between now and September (the end of the fiscal year).
I'm also (slowly) getting moved in to my new house. This Friday I'll have my water-meter read, which will be the last of the utilities I need to set up. I'm hoping to get quite a bit of my stuff moved in this weekend, although I won't be doing the furniture just yet.
OOPS! This is pretty much a repost, huh? Well, I'll also mention that I fell off of the Atkins bandwagon over drill weekend. I'll have to start again tomorrow morning.

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