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18 April 2007

New Letter to My Congressmen

Dear (x);

The Congressional stand-off with the the President of the United States is damaging to America, to our troops and to our diplomatic interests. Further, the gross fiscal "pork" embellishments are disgraceful, and outright shame should prevent their use by elected leaders of the greatest free nation on Earth. Not only should all congressional bills be free of such loathesome pandering in the future, but it is of vital interest that the troops be funded immediately, and without congressional interference in the conduct of the war. Allow General Petraeus to do his job; if he fails, he can be investigated later. I would repeat the sentiment expressed by our vice president, that it is impossible to "support the troops" while undermining all that they do or stand for. On that point, I would also call for a repeal of the ban on the term "Global War on Terror"--a deliberate political obfuscation which could be termed "cowardly" at most charitable.


Jason C. Diederich

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