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25 February 2007

21 Jan 2007

Howdy, All!

It's been a pretty good couple of weeks. I missed work on Thursday night because I got stuck in ice out of town, and I've got jury duty next week; also, I've found out that I will definitely NOT be attending OCS this year :). But otherwise it's been pretty good (Oh, and I left my cell phone in my locker at drill, which is why I haven't answered if you've been trying to call). Here are some highlights:

--I have completed my break with Poetry.com. I am now posting my writing on FanStory.com; my portfolio is available at URL: http://www.fanstory.com/selectprofileportfolio.jsp. It will be several weeks before I post anything new, however, so if you've read my work before there's no rush. Unlike Poetry.com , FanStory is a paid service which provides feedback on your work, allows you to sell it through their site (if it has been "recognized"), and helps promote your work for professional publication. Of the three poems I have posted, two have already achieved "recognized" status, and I think that "Natasha" has a shot at winning their Valentine's day competition.

--I have opened a store at CafePress. So far I offer only one item, a tee shirt reading "Your PINAY mind tricks won't work on me." ("Pinay" is a woman from the Phillipines) I intend to eventually include some Yiu Dai Su'un merchandise, and of course my "clubs"--"KPASA ("Knowledegable People Against Stupid Acronyms") and PETPV (People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants and Vegetables"). Yes, there's a sort of "humor" theme to my store :) ! It's free to set up, and I might actually sell something! My URL there is www.cafepress.com/kpasa.

--Overtime appears to be over at work, so I'll be able to get back on my more normal training schedule now. Also, I'm scheduled to take a physical agility test on Monday, the 29th as part of my interview for a job as a Park Ranger for the state of Missouri. If hired, I'll be working in LaClede county (that pretty much means Lebanon, if you weren't certain on the geography). Any sort of happy thoughts on my behalf would be much appreciated! This is an escape clause from my "going back on active duty" plan...

--I got a letter from John Mitchel, one of my friends from Ft Polk, from whom I have not heard since. It's good to know that he hasn't completely disappeared!

I hope that everyone is enjoying their new year!

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